All three networks and major cable news outlets have projected former House Speaker Newt Gingrich winner of the South Carolina GOP presidential primary.
Mitt Romney gave his concession speech tonight at 8:00 PM. He vowed to continue the fight in Florida. Romney ignored Gingrich’s victory and launched into his stump speech denouncing President Obama. He later denounced Gingrich (though not by name) for attacking free enterprise and demonizing success.
Will update when Gingrich gives his victory speech.
UPDATE: Gingrich won SC with 40% of the over 600 thousand votes cast. He bested Romney by double digits or better than 75 thousand votes.
Gingrich’s populist message caught fire while Santorum could not find his footing despite winning Iowa and evangelical backing. It still remains Romney’s nomination to lose since tried to establish himself as the inevitable GOP nominee.
Newt Gingrich is the new ‘comeback kid’ in American presidential politics. I had written him off and wrongly predicted that he would back off his attacks on Romney’s record at Bain Capital. Gingrich just turned up the volume and went to work on Romney and the news media. It worked!
Newt Gingrich has scored a decisive victory over Mitt Romney. If his numbers hold, Gingrich will defeat Romney by double digits (40% to 28%).
Mr. Washington Insider has become the conservative populist messenger who is turning over the tables in the temple. He is attacking President Obama on the economy and Mitt Romney for business practices that decimates the middle class.
This going to be a fun ride into Florida and beyond.
Ron Paul told his supporters that it will be “a long hard slog” to the nomination. Paul seems interested in changing the policy debate and influencing the GOP party platform. Something he can only accomplish by picking up delegates which explained why he talked about taking his campaign to caucus states. Dr. Paul is leading a movement campaign.
As I watched Gingrich’s victory speech, Public Enemy’s “Fight the Power” song came to mind. PE’s lyrics are too profane for the Gingrich faithful. Instead, I would recommend The Isley Brothers original “Fight the Power” as Gingrich’s campaign theme song. Song and lyrics follow below.
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Lyrics | The Isley Brothers – Fight The Power lyrics
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