President Obama supports extending the school year.

My Education, My Future And A Longer School Year

In eleven months Americans will go to polls to decide the economic and political future of our nation. As we approach Election Day, November 6, 2012, I will layout reasons why President Obama deserves re-election.
Today, President Obama continued to show that he takes the right position on issues affecting children and families.
This morning, HHS Secretary Kathryn Sebelius overruled the Food and Drug Administration’s decision that would have allowed any woman, including teens under the age of 17, to get a morning-after birth-control pill without a prescription. Otherwise, girls as young as 11 years old would have been able to purchase birth-control without a prescription and without parental consent. Score one for parents from America’s First Dad.
Predictably, advocates (who champion sexualizing our children) immediately cried foul, and senior Democrats on the Hill expressed disappointment that the Obama administration would intervene on such a sensitive matter.

Ten percent of U.S. girls reach puberty at age 11 and could in theory get the pill under any new FDA approval.

That served as justification for Secretary Sebelius to overrule the FDA put Plan B One-Step out of reach of minor girls. Sebelius and President Obama should be applauded for their action.
If our nation is serious about reducing high teen birth and abortion rates, we should have a zero-tolerance for the sexualization of our children in the media. We have successfully used zero-tolerance to lower the rate of smoking and smoking-related cancer deaths and diseases.  We don’t permit television advertising of tobacco products and Hollywood films no longer glamorize smoking.
But the sexualization lobby want dangerous chemical medications easily available to adolescents. Thanks to the Obama Administration, our kids won’t be exposed to Plan B One-Step.
Another reason to re-elect President Obama.