This morning, City & State reported on renewed talk of Governor Andrew Cuomo as a VP replacement for Vice President Joe Biden. It’s all nonsense and just proof that the Albany political establishment is frustrated by Cuomo’s governance. It’s a nicely planted story that attributes its origination to a group of unnamed DC insiders.
Albany professor Bruce Gyory‘s reference to President McKinley’s tapping of then-Governor Teddy Roosevelt is apt because the Albany political establishment back then wanted him out because his reform government upset their political culture.
Cuomo needs to stay where he is. Lt. Governor Bob Duffy is a nice guy but he’s no Andrew Cuomo. We already experienced a nice guy as Governor after a hard-charging predecessor left abruptly.
New York needs Governor Cuomo more than President Obama does. Obama’s path to victory goes through the Mid-South and Midwest swing states. New York’s path to fiscal health requires Cuomo’s steady hand on the tiller.
Michael Benjamin