In a fundraising missive sent to supporters this morning, Bronx Democrat Michael Blake accuses his opponents of political trickery in seeking to knock him off the ballot based a residency challenge.
In his missive, Blake restates his Bronx roots, including grade school graduation and Bronxchester Little League photos.
Blake claims that the Bronx has always been his home although he had never voted here or anywhere in NYC until last September 2013. Before that he lived and voted in Washington DC. And he didn’t register to vote in DC until November 2010.
Blake makes the usual charge that he and other Obama (alumni) reformers running for local office have been the targets of political attacks. I guess that is supposed to anger progressives and reformers so that will rally to his side with money and support.
Blake is already the best funded candidate in the race for the coveted 79th assembly district seat. On Saturday, he held a community fundraiser headlined by the award-winning actress, Alfre Woodard. Originally, scheduled to held at the Eagle Academy, a public school, the event was held at Blake’s Boston Road campaign office after the city Department of Education nixed his permit (after a press inquiry).
Blake is on track to surpass $200,000. Imagine that! Raising nearly a quarter million dollars to buy, er, win a South Bronx Assembly seat.
As a constituent and former officeholder, I am interested in seeing that the needs of Morrisania residents are met.
Read excerpts of Blake’s fundraising appeal below:

“The toughest part about being a free-thinking candidate in a political race is dealing with those who don’t want change.Over the past few months, our campaign has been garnering key endorsements and local community support. As a result, the establishment, fearing they cannot beat us at the polls, is attempting to circumvent democracy by bringing us to court.
That’s right, through technicalities and political trickery, they are claiming that the place where I attended P.S. 79, DeWitt Clinton High School, and lived my entire life, “isn’t my home.” I served my country and worked for President Barack Obama, but let’s be clear, The Bronx is and always has been my home!” fundraising email fundraising email, 08/04/2014

“History is filled with attempts by the establishment to keep reformers on the sidelines, including several Obama Alumni who have become targets of these politically charged attacks. However, through the unwavering commitment and dedication of their supporters, they ultimately emerged victorious. We, too, will prevail, but we must fight the good fight first.”

Michael Benjamin is a columnist and blogger as well as a former state legislator who represented the 79 AD, 2003-2010.