Libyan Prime Minister Mahmoud Jibril announced Thursday that former ruler Muammar Qadhafi was killed, according to the Associated Press. A U.S. official also said the Libyan government has informed the United States that Qadhafi is dead, the AP reported.
The defeat of the former Libyan President Moammar Qadhafi and the ouster of his regime is vindication of President Obama’s decision to join in the NATO intervention. Two hundred years ago, US forces defeated the Barbary pirates and this year, we aided the liberation of the Libyan people. Sadly, similar interventions in Syria and Iran are not possible. But if the critical mass in either or both countries reaches the point where there are armed rebellions, I would urge President Obama to make a similar commitment to democratic forces in those countries.
President Franklin D. Roosevelt formed the United Nations so the United States and our allies could defeat fascism and tyranny. That mission is a never-ending American commitment to the preservation and spread of democracy. The defeat, capture and death of Colonel Qadhafi is testament to that eternal commitment.
President Obama now needs to defeat the economic malaise that has settled over our nation. He must end the tyranny of a predatory marketplace that hurts American workers and their families. His number one national security responsibility is putting Americans back to work.
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