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The nation’s first black President faces a tough re-election. His opponent is  a telegenic but vapid, panderer to the religious right-wing. On the anniversary of the greatest terrorist attack on his nation, Muslims in the Arab world are incited to protests by a YouTube video denigrating the Prophet Mohammed. And a group of paramilitary gunmen track, trap and assassinate his ambassador and his security detail. With the consulate in ashes and before the bodies of the slain Americans are recovered, a presidential candidate attempts to wrap himself in their bloody garments.
With each passing day, the killing of the US Ambassador to Libya looks like a plot out of TV’s ’24’. Nonetheless, the clock is ticking down towards a confrontation with the terrorists behind the attack and Mitt Romney‘s attempt to politicize the killing of Americans serving our nation abroad.
It’s no coincidence that the attack occurred on the anniversary of September 11 attacks on America and five months after the death of Osama bin Laden. The dots are emerging and will soon be connected. I commend to MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow’s fine effort at providing context and connecting the heretofore unseen dots.
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The blasphemous film (Innocence of Muslims) that allegedly sparked the protests outside of US embassies and consulates in  Libya and Egypt was initially attributed to Florida pastor Terry Jones infamous for his Koran burning stunts in 2010 and falsely to a mysterious Israeli. But it now appears that the film is the work of Nakoula Besselley Nakoula, an Egyptian Coptic Christian, who was recently imprisoned on is on probation for bank fraud and has a previous a methamphetamines conviction. He has several aliases and is said to be in fear for his life and that of relatives in Egypt. Nakoula may be a patsy for a yet-to-be known identified terrorist group.
Update: Federal probation officers are questioning Nakoula about having posted the video on the Internet which could be a violation of the terms of his probation. The threat of jail could be used as leverage to get Nakoula to flip on his terrorist handlers. That information would narrow the hunt for the killers of Ambassador Stevens and his aides.

Nakoula Besselley Nakoula

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According witnesses interviewed by Al-Jazeera TV, the attack on Ambassador Christopher Stevens appeared to be well-organized. Witness said four vehicles flying black flags with heavily armed men inside drove up to US Consulate compound and systematically assaulted each of the compound’s four small buildings. There appears to be conflicting information as to the presence of protesters. Also, the attackers assaulted a safehouse to which the Ambassador and his security fled seeking safety. Unfortunately, they were killed before help could arrive.
Update: The NY Times reports that Ambassador Stevens was not killed by attackers but may have died of smoke inhalation while locked in a safe room. An RPG is thought to have started the blaze and defenders were unable to unlock the safe room in order to rescue Ambassador Stevens.
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The attack appears well-planned and the attackers well-informed. The internet film that and ensuing protests were likely a ruse to cover the Benghazi assault on the 9/11 anniversary. This evening (EDT), Libya authorities said they had arrested four men suspected of being among the attackers.
It’s 3 AM and the President has Jack Bauer on the line. If past actions by President Obama are prelude, the masterminds and the attackers will soon be dead.
Stay tuned as the plot thickens in this real-life ’24’.