This is unbelievable. It’s not as though birth fathers and their children don’t face enough obstacles, now we have this in California. A court has denied a biological father custody of his daughter despite the fact that her lesbian mothers are unable to care for the child. The child — whose Dad wants her — is now a ward of the State of California.
The irony is that California spearheaded efforts legalizing same-sex marriage and eliminating barriers that disqualified gay people as adoptive parents. And only in California are these equality efforts turned on upside-down to harm single, biological parents. And what’s the remedy proposed by lawmakers? Allow children to have multiple parents! Really. Is polygamy next? Child brides?
Father Denied Custody Of His Daughter Due To Law Identifying Lesbian Mothers As Legal Parents
A little girl who was raised by her lesbian parents was placed in an unfortunate situation when her biological mother became imprisoned and her other mother became hospitalized. When the little girl’s biological father sought custody of her, he was denied because of California’s two-parent policy. Instead, the child became a ward of the state. Even though the two women were otherwise disposed, the law still views them as the child’s legitimate parents. Child advocates in San Diego are now helping push legislation in California to allow children to have multiple parents.
Yesterday, I posted about a Heritage Foundation study showing that marriage (i.e., two-parent households) are better for lifting children out of poverty than single-parent households. I commented that if our political leaders spent as much energy promoting marriage as they did same-sex marriage, many more children would escape of poverty sooner. If we leave it to California lawmakers, we can expect multiple parent households (i.e., polygamy) legalized as a cutting edge anti-poverty program.