At last, the South Bronx is free!
A recent USA Today analysis shows that the South Bronx is no longer the nation’s poorest congressional district.
—Poorest. Three Texas metro pockets were poorest: McAllen, Brownsville and Laredo. Income per person in McAllen: $21,260. Lake Charles, La., was poorest among metro areas having 200,000 or more residents.
I have long contended that some backwater southern community had to rank poorer than the Puerto Rican South Bronx. Texas and Louisiana can have all that goes along with that miserable appellation.
Take note Rep. Jose Serrano and a legion of South Bronx grantwriters.You will need to use a new phrase in order to justify continued federal and private philanthropic largess.
Maybe my “homeland” will throw off the yoke of “development aid” like so many Third World areas are now doing. (Wish we could discover shale gas beneath Hunts Point or Port Morris.)
Rule by oligarchy and corruption are next. “Can you hear the horses.”
Michael Benjamin