Sorry, this isn’t Selma
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Just a week after Gov. Cuomo praised the Legislature for passing “historic” ethics-reform legislation, state senators opposed to enacting a “historic” same-sex marriage law are being courted with promises of political cover, endorsements and (psst!) campaign cash: Make marriage equality happen and (wink, wink, nod, nod) we’ll take care of our friends.
Open, transparent government is a wonder to behold.
Imagine, for a moment, if the oil and gas industry engaged in similar tactics to obtain hydrofracking rights in the economically depressed Southern Tier. Or if the NRA promised “support” to key legislators on some rollback of gun control. On planet Albany, one man’s special interest is another man’s constituency.
The media, meanwhile, need good guys and bad guys to tell a compelling story — and the good guys always win, because they write the narrative.
Same-sex marriage versus marriage equality — same issue but quite different connotations: Is it an aberration or a civil right? The narrative seemingly writes itself.
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