The Observer shows that young South Asian rappers in Queens have gotten into the redistricting mix. These politically astute musicians rap in Punjabi.
Redistricting is no longer a black and white issue. As with Hispanics and Asian Americans, the South Asian community is Queens would like to elect a community leader to public office.
I’m worried that instead of uniting us, the Voting Rights Amendment enables the creation of racial and ethnic silos that may further isolate the communities seeking fairer representation. I’ll continue pursuing this line of thought in future posts and OpEds.
Redistrict Remix: Gerrymandering Issue Taken Up By Queens Rapper and Punjabi Proteges | The New York Observer.

When one thinks of Queens rappers, one does not think of political redistricting, but all of that is about to change.

Himanshu “Heems” Suri, a member of the idiosyncratic rap group Das Racist, is releasing his hotly anticipated solo mixtape Nehru Jackets in conjunction with SEVA NY, a community organization that’s currently focused on raising awareness about the consequences the citywide redistricting scheduled for later this year will have in the Queens neighborhoods where he grew up. Mr. Suri’s mixtape will be accompanied on several songs by young SEVA members who rap and sing in Punjabi.

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