NYC BOE: NY-13 Recanvass Begins July 2
Tuesday night’s AP tallies for the congressional primaries are unofficial. State election law requires an official recanvass of all ballots. Absentee ballots must be postmarked by June 23 and received by the Board of Elections no later than next Tuesday, July 1.
As of this afternoon, neither the Espaillat nor the Rangel campaigns (NY-13) have filed papers challenging yesterday’s federal primary. Neither LatinoJustice nor any other third-party voting rights organization has raised questions or filed papers alleging voting irregularities and/or machine breakdowns in NY-13.
According to NYC Board of Elections spokeswoman Valarie Vazquez, valid absentee ballots will be opened and counted on July 2 beginning at 10am in the borough offices (MN and BX). Vazquez says that there are 747 absentee ballots in the Manhattan portion of NY-13 and 242 such ballots in the Bronx portion. That makes for a total of 989 absentee ballots in NY-13.
There are over 2300 affidavit ballots to be validated by BOE personnel. There are 1,857 “A” or affidavit ballots in Manhattan and 459 in the Bronx. Usually 50% of A” ballots are found to be valid. As of 5PM Wednesday, the exact number number of “A” ballots in ten (10) Manhattan election districts in NY-13 has not been determined.
Approximately 2000 ballots (i.e., absentee and “A” ballots) will be counted beginning next Wednesday, July 2. Due to July 4th holiday, a complete recanvass may not be finished until July 7. BOE commissioners could certify as early as their scheduled July 8 Commissioners Meeting.
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Michael Benjamin is former state legislator from the Bronx. He is currently a contributor to the NY Post and City and State NY. He works as a public affairs consultant. Follow him on Twitter: @SquarePegDem