The state’s powerful Black, Hispanic and Asian caucus is condemning legislative leaders for redrawing Congressional districts in a way that amounts to a “slap in the face” to the minority communities across the state.

Caucus members are expressing “utter disappointment with parties responsible for proposing Congressional district lines that by their nature dilute the voting power of communities of common interest,” according to a statement from Bronx elected officials to federal magistrate Roanne Mann, the special master designated by the courts to draw the state’s congressional lines after receiving proposals from the Assembly and Senate majorities.

Read the rest here: Minority Fury Grows Over New Congressional Maps.
I think Mr. Hawkins got his story wrong. I don’t think the Caucus has taken a specific position on the congressional maps submitted by the Assembly majority to federal Judge Roanne L.Mann. I haven’t seen a statement by Assemblyman Karim Camara who heads the Caucus condemning the submission. Camara has heretofore only criticized the Senate GOP’s senate redistricting plan. And to my knowledge, no one has taken Speaker Sheldon Silver to task for the maps submitted to Judge Mann.
Read the update portion of the article where Wright and Heastie returned calls to clarify that neither is upset with their leader, Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver. Wright also noted the Caucus had not taken a position on the congressional redistricting plan. Stay tuned.