The Politico Arena:  Rick Perry has announced that he no longer supports abortion in any case, including rape and incest, CBS News reports. Perry said he was moved by a woman who appeared in former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee’s movie, “The Gift of Life.”  Until recently, Perry had supported abortion in certain situations.  Will this move cement Perry with voters of the conservative movement? Or is it a dangerous move to make so close to the Iowa caucuses?
Is his stance dangerous to whom? His crediblity? His standing as a national candidate? Women?
Governor Rick Perry is immune to his utterances and policy repercussions. The answer to the other three questions is Yes.
His "epiphany" symbolizes his failure to perform politically as expected as the conservative big-state alternative to Mitt Romney. His new position may be heartfelt but so were Romney's beliefs when he ran for US Senate, Governor and the GOP presidential nomination.
Playing to the margins in Iowa and beyond will only succeed in marginalizing the GOP as a national party in the eyes of independent voters. Only Romney truly understands that it is the economy that's on every voters mind. Unlike Clinton, and now Obama, Romney has not cast his lot with the great American middle who only desire to feed, clothe, educate and shelter themselves and their families, and have a comfortable retirement.
Perry continues to prove that he's still a 'not ready for prime time player' on the national political stage.
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