A panel of federal judges on Tuesday refused to dismiss a challenge to New York State’s redistricting process and instead named a federal magistrate judge to help create new political maps.

The panel ordered lawyers for legislative leaders and others involved in the case to convene at the Brooklyn federal courthouse on Monday. The judges said lawyers should be prepared to provide suggestions to the magistrate judge, Roanne L. Mann, “to assist her in preparing a redistricting plan, deadlines and the appointment of experts.”

via Federal Judge Is Named to Help Oversee Redistricting in New York – NYTimes.com.
The Legislature’s foot-dragging is undoing the progress made last year in repairing its much maligned reputation for dysfunction. The congressional maps were due this week.
It’s obvious that the Senate and Assembly are at an impasse. But they should not punt on this important legislative responsibility. Doing so, gives credence to the effort to create an independent redistricting commission.
The Legislature continues to satisfy its critics and disappoint its supporters.
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