The 32-Day Pre Primary Disclosure reports are going online at the NYS Board of Elections later this afternoon.
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wpid-image-1.jpegIn the contested 79th AD:

  • Marsha Michael, backed by the Bronx County Democrats, reported taking in $22,970 in her 32 Day Pre Primary filing. $21,450 came from unions, PACs and transfers from other elected officials. That brings her fundraising to a little over $45,000. Ms. Michael’s cumulative expenses totaled a stingy $7765. Cash-on-hand: $38,114.(as of 08/04/2014)
  • George Alvarez, has not had his fundraising totals posted by the State BOE. Cash on-hand: $25,239 (as of  7/11/2014).
  • Lanita Jones has managed to make the ballot but has not filed a campaign committee. Cash-on-hand: ???
  • Raul Rodriguez, who has also made the ballot but has yet to file the required July Periodic and 32-Day Pre Primary Disclosure report. Total raised by July 15: $2190; spent $767. Cash-on-hand$1424 (as of 7/11/2014).
  • Fred Ricks, who has reportedly dropped out of the race, filed his July Disclosure report late and has yet to file his 32 Day Pre Primary disclosure. Ricks raised $900 from friends and local grocer; received $950 in loans; and spent $1000 on petitions, volunteers and a consultant, Garth Marchand (an Eric Stevenson confidante). Cash-on-hand: $850 (as of 7/11/2014).
  • Michael Blake, who raised $159,000 in July, reported raising another $38,574 in his 32 Day Pre Primary Disclosure. Total raised: $198,195; total expended: $155,000. Cash-on-hand: $43,806 (as of 08/04/2014).

As the SBOE posts the disclosure reports, I’ll post my summaries to this blog.
Michael Benjamin is a columnist and blogger as well as a former state legislator who represented the 79 AD, 2003-2010.
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