A Bronx Assemblyman who turned wire-wearing federal informant was sentenced to two years of probation on Thursday for lying to investigators.
Now-former pol Nelson Castro, 42, had faced up to two years in prison for his not-so-bright fibs to the feds, but Judge Paul Engelmayer cut him a break because his “historic” cooperation had led to six arrests and convictions.
Castro turned informant after he was indicted by the Bronx District Attorney’s office for lying about election shenanigans back in 2008, and is believed to be the first sitting New York state politician to snare a colleague while wearing a wire undercover.
[CORRECTION: Castro never recorded Stevenson on tape. He recorded Sigfredo Gonzalez offering/giving him a bribe on tape. When confronted by the FBI, Sigfredo agreed to cooperate in the federal investigation which led to the six convictions.]
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