The most touching verses capturing the intergenerational effect of incarcerated/absent fathers on the lives of children.
“Father Father Father where have you been?/ Jail, dead, on drugs, or the street life is that where you went?/Did your choices lead you to leave me?”
Her hoarse voice rises, like a preaching poet’s. Then she screams and weeps some of the final lines:
“I know after hearing my poem you feel messed up and you should / But I understand now you were misunderstood/ You too was misled you was raised by the hood / Was a fatherless child because your father was no good.”
Watching as some of the inmates choke back tears, Sheriff Woody rushes to the front of the room.
“Let it go through you, brothers,” Woody says.–in-jail/2013/03/20/b1833af4-90a9-11e2-9abd-e4c5c9dc5e90_story.html?Post+generic=%3Ftid%3Dsm_twitter_washingtonpost