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Can Herman Cain survive?

It’s a privately settled matter. Herman Cain should address it as a settled personal matter. He should state that sexual harassment in the workplace should not be tolerated and neither should false allegations be tolerated. He should then discuss the anti-sexual harassment policies he put into place while at Godfather’s Pizza and the National Restaurant Association.

This story shouldn’t be too damaging considered the personal baggage carried by the other GOP contenders. Romney’s and Huntsman’s shared Mormonism, Perry’s Niggerhead camp, Newt’s philandering, and Bachmann’s loopiness are foibles causing 65 percent of Republicans polled wanting someone other than of these frontrunners. Maybe one of the sidelined GOP “stars,” eg, Gov. Mitch Daniels, will step in to save his party from a landslide defeat next November.
Maybe Cain will join Gov. Perry in supporting “loser pays” tort reform.

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