If this doesn’t alarm you, I don’t know what will. While our President and Congress dither over a fiscal cliff and gun control, Communist China is cleaning our clock in Africa.
The economic re-colonization of Africa by a foreign power is well underway and America is unprepared to respond. Unlike in the Pacific and South China Sea, Obama can’t deploy a naval fleet to his ancestral homeland, Kenya.
African American business leaders and elected officials must pick up the slack and get us into the game before the clock in the fourth quarter winds down to 00:00:00.
Read and prepare to act:

There has been a noticeable change in some of the reporting of Kenya on state-owned media. But the state owned-media outlets are not Kenyan, they are Chinese.

China is on a soft power push, a hearts and minds offensive all over Africa. And the media is central to its strategy. Between China’s state run broadcaster CCTV and its official press agency Xinhua – African governments are enjoying the kind of positive news coverage they have come to expect from media outlets they themselves control.

The Chinese reporters and editors involved defend their journalism. They say they do the kind of positive stories about Africa that other international news organisations ignore.

But when you follow the money you see there is more to this story than that. China is growing more and more reliant on African natural resources and it is relying on its own media to try to secure its trade relations with the continent.

via Sino-African media relations – Listening Post – Al Jazeera English.