Senator Diaz Urges Colleagues to Remember OWS 11-Mile March During 2012 Budget Vote
New York State Senator Reverend Ruben Diaz (D-Bronx) has released the following statement in regard to his Senate colleagues’ participation at Monday’s Occupy Wall Street 11-Mile March to support the Millionaires Tax:
“It is good to know that some of my colleagues in the Senate joined yesterday’s Occupy Wall Street 11-Mile March to support the Millionaires Tax.
Earlier this year, I called upon my Senate colleagues – especially the Black and Hispanic Senators who represent less fortunate communities – to oppose Governor Andrew Cuomo’s Budget because it did not include the Millionaires Tax.
In order to save Governor Cuomo from being embarrassed by passing a Budget without the support of Black and Hispanic Senators, my colleagues voted for the Cuomo Budget with all of its cuts and with no Millionaires Tax, leaving me and Senator Tom Duane to be the only Senators to vote to oppose the Budget.
If Governor Cuomo does not include the Millionaires Tax in the 2012 Budget, I hope that these same Senators who marched 11 miles and others will remain firm and oppose any such Budget.”