State senator Rev. Ruben Diaz, Sr. has released another of his columns (see below) questioning the delayed arrest and prosecution of Clement Gardner, the disgraced former fiscal officer at the Christian Community Benevolent Association founded by Rev. Diaz.  He calls out the prosecutors for failing to arrest Mr. Gardner and alerting CCBA to his crime following his confession in 2007 to Bullets Campbell,  an FBI agent.
Diaz contends that the FBI may have wanted Gardner to “get” him and that the arrest is part of a smear campaign against him. He also contends that by not arresting Gardner, the Department of Justice permitted Gardner to continue scamming CCBA. The indictment charges Mr. Gardner with embezzling $75,000 (possibly as much as $400,000) from CCBA from 2004 – 2007.
After he was elected to office, Diaz gave up running the CCBA but did award grants to the agency. Gardner has pleaded not guilty to one count of second degree grand larceny.
Who is the Real Thief, Mr. Clement Gardner, FBI Agent Bullets Campbell, The U.S. Dept. Of Justice or the office of the NYS Attorney General’s office?

You should know that five years ago, in 2007 to be specific, Clement Gardner, a bookkeeper employed by Christian Community Benevolent Association, confessed to FBI Agent Bullets Campbell that he was embezzling money from the organization and that from 2003 to 2007 he had stolen approximately $75,000.00 of monies geared toward helping the poor and needy of the South Bronx. 
You should also know that Christian Community Benevolent Association was founded by Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz (35) years ago, when the Bronx was burning and businesses, banks, and the wealthy were fleeing and abandoning the South Bronx leaving behind hunger, misery, and burnt out buildings.   Christian Community remained, developed jobs and provided services to those in needs. 
After so many years of decent and successful administration by Christian Community, here comes Clement Gardner and confesses to the FBI his conniving and treasonous manner in which he took advantage of the trust and confidence placed on him by the decent people of Christian Community.   
Anybody would think that the right thing for the FBI to have done would be to inform the organization, let them know and give them the opportunity to take the necessary actions to protect their interests, to get rid of Mr. Gardner, and sent him to jail back in 2007.
You should also know my dear reader, that contrary to what reasonable people would do, the FBI authorized Mr. Gardner, through Agent Campbell, to go back to the agency where he stole more money.
Was Mr. Gardner told: “We don’t care what you do we just want Senator Diaz.  Go back keep doing what you’re doing and give us Senator Diaz?”   
Who allowed Clement Gardner to steal for five more years?   Mr. Clement Gardner was free to live “La Buena Vida” the good life.   He was stealing and developing a scheme sophisticated enough that it was overlooked by the private auditing firms, hired by the Christian Community and by auditors for the City of New York Human Resources Administration Home Care Contracts.   These experienced auditors were contracted every year to conduct audits of Christian Community’s books.   
Apparently, Clement Gardner was allowed to embezzle thousands of dollars, under the knowledge, approval, advice and direction of law enforcement agencies that are supposed to protect the people of the State of New York.
Now, five years later, after the law enforcement agencies realized that they were taken for a ride by Mr. Clement Gardner and that he made a fool out of them, they conducted a press conference to announce what they have known for the last five years.   What a travesty…….what a shame… and they call themselves honest.    They should all get indicted and sent to jail along with Clement Gardner.
In their quest to get Senator Ruben Diaz, these government agencies are now faced with a bigger problem.  That from 2007 to 2012 they gave Mr. Gardner the opportunity to steal many thousands more, from the people of the State of New York in return for Senator Ruben Diaz, which he did not do. 
Soon they will conduct another press conference to announce how many more thousands or maybe millions of dollars Mr. Clement Gardner has stolen.   The New York Press Editorial Board, reporters, news media, and the whole world will cover the big news.    Soon they will also, announce who is to blame for the thievery and what a great job they did in capturing the perpetrator.    Ja Ja Ja, this is laughable.   
Will the media ask the right questions of the NYS Attorney General, The FBI agent Bullets Campbell, the U.S. Department of Justice and/or the companies responsible for the annual audits: Who authorized this? Who protected Clement Gardner and why?  Why wasn’t Gardner arrested five years ago when he confessed to the dirty deed?   Why wait five years? Why allow him to continue to steal money?   Why wasn’t this brought to the attention of the agency’s administration or to HRA?   No, the media will not ask those questions of those responsible, because to do so will make Senator Rev. Ruben Diaz and the people of Christian Community look like victims.
If they ask the right questions, they might get to the truth.   The truth will reveal that Senator Ruben Diaz and the people of Christian Community are decent, God-fearing individuals whose only interest is helping those less fortunate.   That news my friend is a pill that is too big and too hard for most of the media to swallow.   For many of the news media, making Senator Ruben Diaz continue to appear as the hated homophobe, the one against same-sex marriage, the anti-woman for his position against abortion, is their agenda.   For reporters and the news media, the bad news on bad guys sells more papers and is better for business.  
You should know that we  neither have the money or the resources to sue their pants off.  They are too powerful, too untouchable, and have too many resources at their disposal, to do as they please.  We are the little guys and they are above the law.
I am Senator Ruben Diaz, and this  is what you should know.
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