I am the 1%! Hear me roar!

Ron Brownstein writes in National Journal that “at the heart of Mitt Romney‘s message throughout the primary has been his determination to retrench the safety net.
That retrenchment, such as repealing Obamacare and making Medicare a block grant program, would create severe cracks in the social safety net.
Brownstein reports that “[Romney’s] core argument against President Obama is that he is stifling the economy, and leading America dangerously away from its historic traditions by attempting to create what Romney calls “an entitlement society” modeled on Europe.”

“It is clear that he’ll like to make us more like Europe, more like a European social welfare state, said Romney.”

Mr. Romney, I believe, should tell Americans which European social democracy he thinks President Obama seeks to make America more like. France? A place to which Mitt fled to avoid military service in Vietnam. Spain? Italy? Greece? Or Germany, which has a robust economy, low unemployment, high productivity, and a good social safety net?
Most Americans would welcome emulating the German model. Germany has the lowest unemployment rate among the EU nations. Polls reveal that Americans believe that the government should assist their poor neighbors and unemployed workers (as they do in Germany).
Mr. Romney and his economic plans are out of touch on all fronts. Voters should reject his candidacy.