At a news conference this morning, former Utah Governor and US Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman announced that he is ending his presidential campaign. Huntsman said that he is endorsing his rival Mitt Romney as the best Republican to defeat President Barack Obama in the General Election.
POLITICO Arena asks: Jon Huntsman – What went wrong?
BENJAMIN: I’m sorry to say that Ambassador Huntsman never really had the legs to make a go of the GOP race. His campaign got off to an inauspicious .start in New York. He never really established his identity or clearly distinguished himself and his rationale for running. He punctuated his third place finish in New Hampshire with an aimless speech. Sadly, many saw this announcement coming.
I wish him well and thank him for his service to the United States. Zhù nǐ háoyùn ?(Good luck). Zài jiàn (Good bye).
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