Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz fired back yesterday at Utah Sen. Orrin Hatch’s prediction that Democrats will attack Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith in the election, calling the charge “nonsense.” “For them to suggest that religion will be injected [into the election] by President Obama and the Democratic Party, I mean, I think they need to take a look inward at the accusations that their party and their supporters have hurled before they take that step,” Wasserman Schultz told  MSNBC.
POLITICO Arena: Is Romney likely to face more criticism from the Left over Mormonism as he did from conservatives during the primaries?
BENJAMIN: Are you kidding me? Shame on you, Sen. Hatch.
Sen. Orrin Hatch is too afraid to confront the extremist in his party who are seeking to take him down and have refused to support Mitt Romney. Sen. Hatch is obviously trying to gin up the Mormon vote for himself in his upcoming primary contest. He is an accomplished and facile liar. Politicians like him give politics a bad name and contributes to the ever more divided and corrosive political atmosphere in America.
Sen. Hatch did not get to stay where he is because he’s a “wonderful” man. He’s “tough” and he’ll do and say whatever it takes to win. It’s a shame that he’s relying on the Herman Goebbels political playbook. My invocation of Goebbels (and indirectly to the Holocaust) is not meant to accuse Sen. Hatch of being a Nazi (or a white supremacist) but rather to illustrate what can result when lies and liars are not confronted (e.g., the Holocaust and WWII).
Those of us who love our country and can respectfully disagree with our political opponents without hurling lies must stand up and denounce Sen. Hatch and others of his ilk. True patriots will not try to burn down a nation saved by Republican President Abraham Lincoln (who was assassinated 147 years ago this month). Today’s GOP leaders would do well to heed his words that “a nation divided against itself shall not stand.”
Shame on you, Orrin Hatch.