In the last month or so, I have repeatedly asked myself, “Who stopped the clock on Sarah Palin’s fifteen minutes of fame?”
Ex-Governor Sarah Palin’s self-described “One Nation” bus tour of historic American landmarks turned out to be camouflage for an American history cram session. Even she realized that a “constitutional conservative” should, at least, have some basic knowledge of American history. Even, if it comes from a Gettysburg guidebook. But then, while in Boston, she managed to turn Paul Revere in a Red Coat-warning member of the NRA.
It was interesting to note that when visiting New York landmarks, which included Times Square, Ellis Island, the Statute of Liberty and Donald Trump’s hair, Palin wore a USA-Israel flag lapel pin and Star of David pendant.
Given Palin’s limited worldview, she obviously thought the pin and pendant were the right accessories for a NYC visit. Forget that a certain category of Americans refer to New York with a particular Jewish reference. Or she simply may have thought the flag pin coordinated with the pink star pattern of her jacket. The Star of David pendant did garner her several high fives on Liberty Island.
It’s disturbing that a woman who attended five different colleges imagines herself presidential material. And then quits in the middle of her gubernatorial term to pursue reality TV stardom. A US President won’t get five tries to repel North Korean aggression against Japan. Or be able to quit in the midst of a term to because the presidency isn’t a 9-to-5 job.
You’d think becoming the 2008 Republican Vice-Presidential nominee would have completed Palin’s rise to her highest level of incompetence.
Palin, a former star high school basketball point guard led her Wasilla team to the Alaska state championship. The 2008 Campaign for the White House may have reignited that narcissistic flame in Sarah Palin. In her mind, “Everyone loves me. They hang on my every word.”
High school jocks never outgrow the attention and the adulation that went with being the Big Girl on Campus. The “lame stream” media Palin excoriates are stand-ins for the freaks and geeks who once took delight in puncturing her fractured syntax and grandiose sense of self-importance.
Sarah Palin may not be a witch, but she’s not much of anything else, either. She’s tried becoming an author, public speaker, Fox News contributor, and eponymous star of TLC’s Sarah Palin’s Alaska. Callow is the only fitting adjective for this former governor, small-town mayor, sports reporter, and jock.
In her heart of hearts, Sarah Palin probably doesn’t want to be President; she merely wishes to be the “Queen of All Media.” I have a feeling that the national GOP leadership and feminists will unite to make that wish come true.