Were I Mitt Romney I’d cancel that Mayflower Movers reservation. The unexpected SCOTUS ruling declaring the Affordable Care Act (i.e., Obamacare) constitutional shows that President Barack H. Obama is a twice blessed man. He has done what a half century of Democratic presidents have been unable to achieve. The obstructionists in Congress, the Tea Party and talk radio screamers have tried to thwart him through disrespect, lies and distortion. Every effort is turned back. It would be spooky if it weren’t true.
Mind you I opposed the individual mandate when Romneycare was enacted in Massachusetts. I supported Sen. Obama in 2008 in part because of his opposition to the individual mandate. So I was perturbed when it was incorporated inn the Affordable Care Act but he needed to do it.
As a political science student, I understand the history and necessity of incremental reform in America. The ACA is a product of our political history.
Chief Justice Roberts ruled the only way he could. Congress has the constitutional authority to enact the healthcare law and impose a tax penalty on Americans who choose to be uninsured. Today, Chief Justice Roberts did not act as a judicial activist. Upon reflection, his ruling established the limits of federalism. In doing so, he surprised every pundit, law professor and bookie in America.
President Obama has delivered despite the obstruction and vilification. The economy is slowly coming back to life, Osama bin Ladin is dead and Obamacare is alive.
President Obama is a blessed man and a terrific national leader.