Yes, it’s happened again. Another armed young man suffering from mental illness — depression and paranoid ideation — returned to his workplace and gunned co-workers. According to published reports, the gunman, ex-Marine Terence Tyler, had tweeted about his shooting fantasy since 2009. Yet, no one thought to get him psychiatric help — not even his commanding officers in the US Marine Corps.
The NY Daily News reports

A deranged ex-Marine fired off menacing Twitter blasts about killing colleagues three years before gunning down two helpless co-workers in a New Jersey supermarket aisle.

The twisted tweets from Terence Tyler, 23, contained references to O.J. Simpson and Adolf Hitler, mentioned his growing paranoia — and noted his preference for the desert fatigues worn on his shooting spree.

“Is it normal to want to kill ALL of ur coworkers?” Tyler wrote in one chilling 2009 tweet. “Maybe but I’m actually in a position where I can.”

In another message, Tyler — stationed in California just seven months after joining the Marines — expresses his growing rage toward his comrades in arms.

As I’ve written before, we can stop this type of mass gun violence, if we improve our mental health system nationally and establish protocols that enable us to identify and treat mental ill people — especially the dangerously mentally ill — even against their will. Otherwise, these horrible incidents of  mass gun violence will continue.
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