I recently made comments in response to a Heritage Foundation article trying to whitewash the incendiary remarks uttered by US Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia saying voting rights protections “perpetuated racial entitlements.”
I wrote:
“Hans [von Spakovsky], your thoughts were nearly credible until you veered off into fiction. It is the GOP in collusion with some black Democrats, not Democrats in the South, to gerrymander safe black and safe Republican districts to detriment of white Democrats (and southern state Democratic parties). An absolute perversion of the VRA, if I may say so.
Thus, your plaintiffs are not victims of “blood corruption” but corrupt by present day activities. Section 5 review should remain for them (and uncovered bad actors) until all manner of corruption (ie, voter discrimination) is purged.”
Read Not so fast, Racially charged attacks against Scalia are unfounded.
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