Last week, the trial began for Alabama House Speaker Mike Hubbard (R), who was indicted on October 20, 2014, on 23 felony ethics violations.

The state has accused Hubbard of using his elected position and his former position as the state GOP chairman to generate more than $2.3 million in contracts and investments for his companies. Each count carries a maximum penalty of two to 20 years in prison and up to $30,000 in fines. If convicted on even one count, Hubbard will be automatically removed from office.

Hubbard’s attorney, Bill Baxley, said that the state’s claims are “mumbo jumbo” and stated that while Hubbard did do some of things that the state has accused him of, his client did not break the law. Baxley claims that the state’s ethics laws allow state lawmakers to conduct regular business dealings and that all of the investments and contracts that Hubbard received were because of his business relationships and friendships rather than from his leadership position.
In the words US Attorney Preet Bharara, "stay tuned."

Michael Benjamin