I thought you’d like to read “Nonprofit nightmares” at NYPOST.com.

The new spate of political scandals in Albany highlights yet again the unseemly relations between pols and community nonprofits,which abound across the state. The charges against state Sen. Shirley Huntley center on a family-run nonprofit to which she funneled state grants.
Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera is under fire for allegations of nepotism, malfeasance,harassment and intimidation –with some involving a nonprofit, others her office payroll.
And,while Assemblyman Vito Lopez’s current woes center on sexual harassment,they follow long scrutiny of the Ridgewood nonprofit empire that is the heart of his political machine.
All this following countless other scandals involving the likes of ex-Sen. Pedro Espada and ex-Sen. Vincent Leibell and the looting of their nonprofits.
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