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"Just another hijacked parents’ group" at
Oh, my head,” said parent activist Mona Davids on learning that the Chancellor’s Parent Advisory Council, or CPAC, had been hijacked by the United Federation of Teachers to carry the UFT’s policy agenda in Albany tomorrow.
As president of the NYC Parents Union, Davids has gone to court to undo Gov. Cuomo’s “sequester” of $250 million in school aid for the city. CPAC members should be joining that fight –but instead they’ll lobby legislators against Mayor Bloomberg’s agenda.
As The Post’s Sue Edelman reported on Sunday, the UFT is paying for buses, hot lunches and pro-union position papers for 100 CPAC members going to Albany for “lobby day.”
Mind you, CPAC is supposed be the voice of parents inside the city Education Department. But, like everything education-related, the teachers union successfully got its hooks into the group.
Schools Chancellor Dennis Walcott shouldn’t be surprised, but ashamed for (as Sam Pirozzolo of Community Education Council 31 on Staten Island told The Post) “giving them the keys to the castle.
” Walcott wouldn’t be i…
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