Praising himself for a program that showed no significant change in Hispanic and low-income communities epitomizes Bloomberg’s unbridled hubris. Even odder was doing the announcement at a predominantly Hispanic school in the Bronx. The healthier menu is in place but shows no impact. The kids eat junk at home and gorge on the weekend. Nice job, Mr. Mayor!
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Mayor Bloomberg Announced That A New CDC Study Found Childhood Obesity Rates Are On the Decline In NYC « CBS New York.
 Mayor Michael Bloomberg announced that childhood obesity rates in the city have declined over the past five years.
Thomas Farley, the city’s Health Commissioner pointed at the results of the study as proof that Mayor Bloomberg’s public health policies had been effective.
Farley added that there was still work to be done, as children from Hispanic and low-income families did not experience a significant change.
Do you think Bloomberg should take credit for 1.2% decline in childhood obesity rates in NYC?