The NY Post reports on Day 1 of disgraced ex-state senator Malcolm Smith’s federal corruption trial in White Plains. Read key excerpts below:
“To get on the GOP line in the 2013 mayoral race, Smith — once one of the state’s top Democrats — needed the support of three of the five borough Republican committees. Queens was allegedly secured through Tabone and The Bronx through former Bronx GOP Chairman Joseph “Jay” Savino.Carbone called Tabone one of the men who “held the keys to that ballot” and alleged the political operative was ready to give his up for a “fistful of cash.
”Smith, the feds say, turned to Moses Stern — a crooked Rockland County developer turned federal witness — and an undercover federal agent for money and help pulling off the botched scheme. In turn, Smith allegedly promised them $500,000 in transportation funds for a project in Spring Valley, NY.
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