New Yorkers got yet more proof this week that their political system is rigged.

A day after FBI Director James Comey slammed Clinton for breaking the law but gave her a pass anyway, the city Campaign Finance Board on Wednesday similarly bashed Mayor de Blasio and his pet nonprofit — but then let them skate.

No wonder average Joes think laws apply to them, but not the politically powerful.

At issue in the mayor’s case were his ties to the Campaign for One New York, its spending to promote his agenda (and indirectly, him) and the donations it received.

Candidates’ campaigns are subject to tight limits on donations and spending. Individual gifts are capped at $4,950; spending in off years can’t top $328,000.

CONY donations dwarfed those limits. And the group spent $4 million since 2013.

The CFB found CONY wasn’t “independent” of de Blasio but failed to find enough evidence of coordination. It also said CONY shut down well before the 2017 elections. For those reasons, it opted not to penalize de Blasio’s 2017 campaign.

Michael Benjamin