After reading about Pastor A.R. Bernard possibly being a mayoral candidate, I tweeted that we should forget the others and simply draft Kathy Wylde, the widely respected head of the Partnership for New York, for Mayor.
Ms. Wylde is an ideal and well-qualified candidate for Mayor. She possesses all of the bona fides of leadership, knowledge, institutional memory, and real accomplishments. She is an outsider with an insider’s knowledge.

Kathy Wylde has been a tremendous public servant without being on a public payroll for decades.

Sadly, I fear that she has already been approached only to break her suitors’ hearts. She graciously emailed, “I have a life that I am not prepared to give up for elective office!”

But really who could blame her given our current political climate and punishing media atmosphere.

It’s disturbing to learn that aides to Mayor Bloomberg have approached other leaders about running for Mayor. At this pace, how long before former Governor and NY1 Wiseguy Eliot Spitzer enters the mayoral free-for-all.