Today, the NY Post’s Rich Calder and Carl Campanile reported that Bronx Assemblyman Eric Stevenson finally won court approval of a new lawyer, Muhammad Ibn Bashir, Esq. Previously, Stevenson claimed poverty and was assigned a federal public defender.
The Post reported on Stevenson’s claims that a local Bronx mosque identified as Masjid al Salaam is paying for his defense. Last month, I blogged about Stevenson’s “Oldies But Goodies” legal defense fundraiser held at Concourse Village in the Bronx.
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According to Mr. Muhammad Ibn Bashir’s website, he is best known for defending ’93 WTC bombers. Bashir is the author of Raw Law, which is published by Simon & Schuster. In an interview Bashir once claimed that public defenders are overworked lawyers who push innocent defendants into accepting unfair plea deals.
In this video, Mr. Bashir dismisses public defenders as overworked lawyers who convince clients to accept plea deals. Bashir says plea deals puts many innocent black men who are unable to hire adequate counsel in jail .
Apparently on that, he and Mr Stevenson are in agreement.
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When initially arrested AM Stevenson, in news reports, claimed he was reading the Bible. Today, he appears to be flirting with Islam. In remarks at the Muslim Day Parade, Stevenson sought to identify with those claiming that the NYPD surveillance program was Muslim persecution.
In previous years, he claimed that either he or a brother were members of the Nation of Islam (which is led by Minister Louis Farrakhan). His wife is a West African Muslim from either Gambia or Guinea.