I’m going out on a limb saying the video on the Blabbenado blog, NYS Senator Ruben Diaz, Sr. endorses “birther” presidential candidate, is doctored. The blog alleges that Hipolito Mejia, a former president of the Dominican Republic (2001-2004) and current presidential candidate, remarked in Spanish that President Obama grew up in Africa. Mr Mejia made the alleged remarks at an event hosted by Diaz and the NYS Hispanic Clergy Organization on April 4th.
This is the text of the translation:

“If Obama who came from Africa and grew up over there can become the President, why can’t any of you reach as high considering you have a more amusing [ethnic] mix than Obama’s?”

The existence of the
To my ears, I believe Mr. Mejia says, "If Obama --that they say came from Africa...-- can become President..." That's why the laughter from Sen. Diaz and the audience. They "got" the joke. I daresay Mr. Mejia was making fun of the Birthers. 
Diaz and Mejia are objects of scorn because as the Blabbeando blogger notes both men are opposed to same-sex marriage. I can understand the scorn but disseminating a doctored video is dirty politics.