Standing amid the de Blasio celebrants last November, I wondered, “Who would have thought that the Dinkins mantle would fall to Bill de Blasio?”
And so it seems with the election of Bill de Blasio, the Dinkins restoration began. Perhaps de Blasio will fulfill the promise offered by the election of the city’s first black mayor back in 1989.
Benjamin01In choosing de Blasio, voters thought he would best solve the jobs, housing affordability and income inequality crises hurting many neighborhoods.
My thoughts regarding a Dinkins restoration coincided with the release of the former mayor’s book wherein he looks back on his tumultuous one-term mayoralty. De Blasio was an aide with an insider’s view of that administration’s successes and failures.
Mayor David Dinkins was undone by the widespread perception that he was unable to govern the city. I, like many people in his base, felt that he failed to deliver for the communities that had the highest expectations for his success.
One political veteran said that Dinkins had the best of intentions, but his deliberative manner and air of indecisiveness hurt him, for example, in the case of his reaction to the riots in Crown Heights.
A number of the people I spoke with insisted that to avoid the same fate as his former boss, de Blasio must be perceived as on top of situations and issues. Read more…
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