This morning, my OpEd on Governor Cuomo and teacher evaluations was published by the NY Post. Cuomo and the state legislature are considering a measure that would shield the evaluations from dissemination to the general public. That has led to a number of editorials opposing a clamp-down on public disclosure.
The issue lead Azi Paybaraugh’s AM Briefing blog this morning. My OpEd follows below:

When is a line in the sand just a line in the sand? When Gov. Cuomo says it is.

Cuomo’s apparent openness to shielding teacher evaluations from public scrutiny is raising more than a few eyebrows.

He was talking of a different matter when he recently noted that “when you draw lines in the sand, some people are on one side or the other.” But the rule still holds when it comes to data on evaluations of public-school teachers: Taxpayers and parents are on one side, teachers unions and their legislative allies are on the other.

And Cuomo seems to be straddling the school-accountability line he drew eight weeks ago.

Read the entire OpEd here: Governor Cuomo & teacher evaluations—Michael Benjamin –

Can teacher evaluations be made a little bit public?
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Former Assemblyman Michael Benjamin, writing in the Post, is equally outraged, but lays more of the burden on Governor Andrew Cuomo, who, Benjamin notes, 
Andrew Cuomo addresses reporters. Azi Paybarah
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Today, former assemblyman Michael Benjamin took Cuomo to task for even considering limiting the release of evaluations. When Fred Dicker asked the governor