From Farm to Fork
 While shopping at Whole Foods last weekend, a stenciled sign on the back of parked vehicle parked caught my eye. A big smile crossed my face. The sign advertised “,” a farm cooperative business that treats livestock ethically. Finally, someone gets it, I told my wife. For millennia, humans were carnivores. We love eating meat –chicken, pork, steak– and seafood.
Consumers of meat support the ethical treatment of livestock and their respectful slaughter for our consumption.  We don’t like factory farming. I saw “Food Inc.” on DVD. The conditions depicted and the disrespectful treatment of livestock offended me. I look for and buy eggs from free range chickens. I had sponsored legislation banning foie gras production in New York until I visited a Sullivan County farm where the fowl were humanely treated. I wrote a bill banning the sale of food products derived from cloned animals. I’m sort of a PETA-ITE (person for the ethical treatment of animals–I like to eat).
Going to the market has become a tremendous chore. A consumer needs a PhD in biochemistry when scrutinizing labels for allergens and politically correct harvesting. In the 1970s, my family boycotted “Charlie the Tuna” because as fellow mammals protecting Flipper and his fellow dolphins from tuna fishermen was important. Today, we are the endangered mammals. Our health is endangered by wheat gluten, soy, tree nuts, corn syrup, and a host of additives. We are to “Go organic.” Organic food is nice but it’s becoming a crock for a fearful populace. Food companies use “organic” as an advertising gimmick to suck more money out of our debit accounts.
Going organic is not the only solution. Regulatory oversight must guarantee the safety of our food. We need to end our reliance on processed foods. Far too many Americans are becoming allergic to food additives. Their allergies and various ailments are real and not imagined. Some people have become more sensitive to the unnatural additives in our food. The ways we produce food, as well as our attitude towards food, have changed.
The people behind “Farm to Fork” are just what weary consumers need. Food we can eat – guilt-free and fearlessly.