Yesterday, Gotham Gazette reported on the various sentencing memoranda and support letters filed in the federal case against disgraced ex-assemblywoman Gabriela Rosa (a Dominican immigrant).

According to the Gotham Gazette report:

U.S. Attorney Preet Bharara’ssentencing memorandum, however, blasts Rosa’s letter and recommends that Cote sentence Rosa within the guidelines.

A "decade-long scheme to obtain immigration benefits to which she was not entitled are not the acts of a ‘naïve’ person – they are the acts of someone who is calculating and willing to break the rules to advance her own interests," the memorandum reads.

Rosa "shows disrespect to those who pursue [the American] dream through lawful means," the memorandum continues. "Her decision to seek elective office for which she only qualified as a result of criminal conduct…represents an act of hubris warranting sanction."