NY Post reports that the federal prosecutors are seeking to seize the pensions of convicted pols who haven’t satisfied asset forfeiture claims. The four targeted crooked pols are former City Councilmembers Larry Seabrook and Miguel Martínez, former state Senator Hiram Monserrate, and former Yonkers Councilwoman Sandy Annabi. All were ordered to repay/forfeit from $79,000 up to $1.4 million of their ill-gotten gain upon conviction. At time of the Bharara’s filing, none had done so.
“With today’s actions, we aim to prevent corrupt elected officials from continuing to benefit from pensions paid for by the very people they betrayed in office,” [US Attorney Preet] Bharara said.
Bharara continues to bring down the thunder on crooked pols and to put the fear of Shiva in the hearts of potential wrongdoers. To which, I say, “BRAVO!”