The folks at Arroyo Watch just sounded the alarm on a taxpayer financed political mailing by embattled CM Maria Aguirre (aka “del Carmen Arroyo) who is seeking a 3rd term in office. Aguirre-Arroyo is challenged by neophyte candidate, Bronx entrepreneur & activist, Julio Pabón.
Arroyo Watch: There are serious regulations about how and when lawmakers can use public dollars to send mail if they’re running in an upcoming election.
The newsletter contains four photographs showing Arroyo. But the rules do not allow this.
My update: The NYC Campaign Finance Bd (CFB) rules offer “budget” & “other geographic areas” exceptions to political season mailings. The Arroyo City Council mailer clearly states in boldprint: “BUDGET” in 3 separate places. (The 4 photo captions may be questionable.)
It’s legal but like all things rotten, it stinks.