The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)
Honorable Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio on his historic victory

Honorable Bill de Blasio Mayor-elect NYC
The Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry (CACCI)congratulates Honorable Mayor-elect Bill de Blasio on his historic victory. Indeed CACCI takes pride in lending our voices to the outpouring of well wishes and support for ourMayor-Elect Bill de Blasio on his historic victory at the November 5th 2013 New York Mayoral elections.
According to his biographical statement, Bill Di Blasio has come a long way "from his early days as a young City Hall staffer, to serving on his local school board, to his current position as Public Advocate for the City of New York."
Based on our experiences with Mayor Elect di Blasio, we have our own story to tell. We are very well aware of his longtime support for the small business community. He has been a longtime friend to CACCI. Bill has championed the rights of women and minority business enterprises (MWBE) long before it was popular to do and he has a strong record of advocacy for the small business owner, many of whom have expressed to CACCI feeling marginalized, never really having their fair share of NYC’s booming economy.
Bill’s voice became our voice when there was a need to take a stand on issues that were not always popular. Parity is a word which Bill understands all too well. He has been an early supporter of the development of the first ever Caribbean American Trade and Culture Center in New York City and was quite vocal about lending his support to CACCI’s mission as we fought to be part of the revitalization of New York City.
He participated in CACCI’s small business forums and networking meetings, most recently this past winter when he addressed CACCI members and business leaders at a CACCI Breakfast meeting that was held at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As part of the Brooklyn NYC Council delegation, Bill made sure that CACCI’s programs and services were included in the City’s budget thus helping to ensure that our small business services would continue.
On behalf of the Board of Directors of the Caribbean American Chamber of Commerce and Industry, we say "Congratulations Bill, Chirlane and family!"
Roy A. Hastick, Sr. President and founderEdmund A. Sadio, CACCI Board Chairman