Today Bronx insurgent and recently unsuccessful Bronx city council candidate, Julio Pabón called on Bronx DA Robert Johnson to update the people on the status of his investigation into the complaint regarding nominating petition fraud by CM Maria del Carmen Arroyo’s team this summer.
Bronxites will recall that DA Johnson’s last election law violation investigation resulted in a legally unqualified (perjurer) Nelson Castro serving 5 years in State Assembly. The disgraced ex-pol (has since pleaded guilty to perjury stemming from election fraud in 2008) was used as a confidential informant in an effort to uncover corruption in Bronx politics.
Is Arroyo cut from the same cloth? Has she cut a deal in another corruption dragnet? The people have a right to know.
Allowing another possibly illegitimate officeholder to take the oath of office on January 1 would be a fraudulent act against voters in the South Bronx.
Pabón lost the Democratic primary by a 3-1 margin, after nearly knocking Arroyo off the ballot for insufficient signatures.
Note: This author assisted Mr. Pabón’s recent candidacy with advice and acted as a pol watcher on Primary Day l