The NY Post reports that the epidemic of politicians leading secret online lives has spread to the Bronx. The paper reports that Assemblywoman Naomi Rivera has been posting lascivious photos of herself and her “boy toy,” Tommy Torres, who for a short time was on her payroll.
Maybe now feminist pundits and women pols will dismount from their high horses about their gender being free from such behavior.
I wonder this tale escaped the attention of the borough’s #1 “Snookie” watcher, Bob “Kappy” Kappstatter? Maybe it says something about Kappy and the source who chose give the explosive tip to Candice Giove at the NY Post, instead. [See The Perez Notes update.]
This revelation may not affect Rivera’s re-election chances because she was finalizing her divorce when her secret romance began and Assembly rules governing part-time staff are vague. [See Update 2 below.]
But then again, voters may be fed up with misbehaving pols. We’ll see. Stay tuned.
From “Bronx pol’s secret Facebook page with staffer boy toy.”
She’s a real swing voter.
To constituents,she’s Naomi D. Rivera,a mild-mannered, bespectacled Bronx assemblywoman whose social-media page is dotted with her accomplishments,thoughtful sayings and the latest neighborhood news.
But on another, secret Facebook page,she’s Daniela Rivera, a sultry single 47-year-old who shows off her curves, her dance moves and, in one photo accessible to the public,the top of her lacy red bra.
But more than anything,the lawmaker’s Internet alter-ego is devoted to Tommy Torres, a fellow Democrat eight years her junior whom she has been dating for at least two years —and whom she put on her government payroll.
Dozens of photos on Daniela’s page show Rivera with her hunky “babe” in various poses —locking lips,nuzzling his cheek and dirty dancing.
The legislator began posting romantic photos of Torres in 2009, when she created the page under “Daniela,” her middle name, and a year before she hired him or finalized her divorce from husband Antonio Rodriguez.
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UPDATE 2: Latino political blogger Roberto Perez is reporting at The Perez Notes writes that Brooklyn Congressman Nydia Velasquez ongoing political feud with Brooklyn party boss Assemblyman Vito Lopez may behind today’s story revealing Assemblywoman Rivera’s secret love life.
Perez blogged,

In addition to saying that she will throw her weight behind Rivera’s opponent, Mark Gjonaj, Velazquez has been doing her homework on City Council candidate Tommy Torres, who is running for Councilwoman Diana Reyna’s seat.
The buzz is that Congresswoman Nydia Velazquez has uncovered the fact that Naomi Rivera and Torres are romantically involved, which could be interpreted as one of the reasons why Rivera went into Brooklyn to endorse against Velazquez…

Rivera recently ventured into Brooklyn politics to endorse Velasquez’s primary opponent City Councilman Erik Dilan. Apparently, all in an effort to secure Lopez’s support for her “boy toy’s” city council bid. Velasquez isn’t taking any prisoners in her effort to exact revenge against those who tried to defeat her last June. As I said earlier, stayed tuned in to this story.
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