Mikey (aka @MrMikeBlake) from the block is going Hollywood. Actress Alfre Woodard headlines a community fundraiser for Democrat Michael Blake this Saturday, August 2 at the Eagle Academy for Young Men – Bronx campus* at 9am. Alfre_Woodard.MikeBlakeBlake is running for an Assembly seat in the Bronx.
In a second fundraising email in as many days, Blake touts the awarding actress as a personal friend and supporter.

As we approach the second finance filing deadline on Monday, August 4th, I was hoping you would join me and a personal friend, Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild winning actress, ALFRE WOODARD for a Community Fundraising Reception SATURDAY, August 2nd at 9:30 a.m., with doors opening at 9:00 a.m., at Eagle Academy for Young Men in the Bronx.

The former Obama operative, who is running for New York State Assembly in the Bronx, has run up against the state’s residency laws for candidates. Blake is accused of being ineligible to run for state office because he has not established sufficient residency in New York State or in the Bronx’s 79th assembly district.
But while the legal proceedings challenging his candidacy winds its through state court, Blake continues to campaign and add money to his campaign war chest of over $160,000 (with about $60,000 cash-on-hand). As he alludes to in his email, a second State Board of Elections campaign financial disclosure filing deadline looms on August 4.
*It seems that Mr. Blake has run up against local regulations, again. This time the NYC Schools Chancellor’s Regulations prohibit political fundraisers on public school property. Requests for comments from both the NYC Department of Education and the Blake campaign have not been responded to.
Those regs prohibit elected officials from fundraising events in school buildings as well as prohibit any political activities “60 calendar days prior to a primary and/or election.” The September 9 Democratic Primary is 38 days after his Saturday “community” fundraiser.
The Chancellor’s Regulations D-130 regarding After-School Use clear state:

A. The use of any Department of Education school after school/business hours by any person,
group, organization, committee, etc., on behalf of, or for the benefit of any elected official, 
candidate, candidates, slate of candidates or political organization/committee is prohibited,
except as indicated in paragraphs II.C and D below.
B. No rallies, forums, programs, etc., on behalf of, or for the benefit of any elected official,
candidate, candidates, slate of candidates or political organization/committee may be held
in a school building after school/business hours, except as indicated in paragraphs II.C and
II.D below.
C. Candidate forums are permitted provided all candidates are invited to participate.
D. Permit applications for candidate forums must include a written representation that all
candidates have been invited to participate.
E. No candidate for public office, including an elected official seeking re-election may use any 
Department of Education school building after school business hours during the 60 calendar 
days prior to a primary and/or election, except if directly related to the elected official’s
public duties and responsibilities.

NOTE: In an email received after 5 pm, a spokesperson for the Department of Education wrote,

“While we welcome forums involving all candidates as part of our civic responsibility, we do not permit political fundraising in our public schools. We will notify the group that we are cancelling their permit.”